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Absolutely Wonderful:


Includes Turn the Temperature Up, No Thing's Impossible, The Passion, No Drama & More




Features: Get Your Glory, Take Back the Nation, How Sweet It Is, Faith & More!


Absolutely Wonderful:


A song is written to match a spoken message in order to effectively deliver the gift of Salvation to all who will believe. The words of both the song and the message appear in the CD insert.

You can now find me @ www.foresightcfc.com /// www.lifewithoutloans.com

About this site

  At the end of 2009 I decided to hang up the mic professionally. After about 8 years of gigging and 5 years of recording, mixing, selling CDs, etc., I moved on.

   The time I spent doing this work was fun. I enjoyed it. People were touched. That's the best part of it. I'll probably always remember when a young lady I used to go to church with told me that her cousin listened to the first version of Absolutely Wonderful in one sitting, and subquently chose to believe God. Sometimes I think, "It's just music, entertainment, or something to ride to," But that testimony alone reminds me that this is more than that. That's why I'm leaving this site up for a while and continue to offer the music.

Thanks to all the people who catch me at an open mic and give me props, and to the people who insist that I do another CD. I appreciate the love. I know I still got it. As a matter of fact, I'm rhyming better than ever, and the old CDs don't do me justice. Our Father has blessed me with a gift to bring Him glory and build up others. I will continue to use it, just not professionally. I'll use it when the kids at "the court" run up to me and ask. I'll use it when I'm doing missions in Ethiopia. I'll use it when I feel like going to an open mic show; or when cats ask me to collab on their projects. In short I'll do it at my leisure, and not on the clock.

Thanks to everyone who supported me during my stint in the music business. Big ups to Jarrec McCarter, the other McCarter's & their church family, the folks from the old school DLBC & FAIC, Pat & Patty Galloway, and the folks at Hope Community Church, where I led worship for a year or two. Thanks to all the small  churches in Prattville, Millbrook, & Wetumpka (y'all treated me good). Esha, thanks for patronizing me way back in the day. Thanks to all my battle/cypher buddies at Bama State from '98-00, Exo, Butterfly, Azizi, Crugstar, Trife, & the rest. Thanks to Garron, Pam, & the girl who used to sit behind me in 10th grade history class for reading my rhymes in class. Thanks to Greg "G-Wiz" Smith, I don't even think you know it, but you're the reason I started rapping in the first place (drama class 1994). Fluke & Sleep, thanks for putting me to work as soon as I crossed over. 13th D and Terry Holloman, thanks for the support early on. I learned a lot looking over your shoulder in the studio, Marcus.

Zenk, Matt, Smoove, Lenny, Kingdom...thanks for keeping it moving. I'm not quitting because the work ain't needed, but because I need to work elsewhere. Hold it down for your allotted time. Remember that the life matters a whole lot more than the music.

Eboni, thanks. I got nothin' to say that'll do you justice. You married a broke man with a big plan. Ain't you glad it's working out!

To the only wise God, all the props. Without you nothing moves.

Peace & Thanks,


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